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प्रतियोगिता प्रश्नपत्रिका

प्रतियोगिता प्रश्नपत्रिका

इस प्रश्नबैंक को हल करके आप अपनी अपनी प्रतियोगिता परीक्कीषा तयारी कर सकते हो एवं आपकी जानकारी भी बढ़ा सकते हो.

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entrepreneurship development

Entrepreneurship Development

There is a need to understand the way to do business and this course leads you to develop and manage a new business.

Nice Option

PhD Coursework

Ph.D.-Course Work

This Course will start from 15th of June 2020 include more than 40 modules with 30 minutes duration.

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Mathematics-8th to 10th

Learn Mathematics with Vinod Pharpat Sir.Enroll, We will provide you better knowledge.

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NTA NET HRM Paper-II-Online Test Series

Prepare for NTA NET (Human Relations and Labor welfare) with best MCQ Series.

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NTA NET Commerce Paper-II-Online Test Series

This Online Test Series prepared you for NTA NET Commerce Exam.

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PhD Course Work

PhD Coursework-Research Methodology

This Course covered whole content of PhD Coursework-Enroll Now.

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NTA NET Management Paper-II-Online Test Series

Management Paper-II Test series for preparation of NTA NET Management.

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How To Become A Teacher?

Teach Online with Online streaming and recorded videos. Enjoy designing Online Exam with us. You can teach any subject on newonlineschool. Prepare and teach. work and earn is our policy. Prepare your best in your course and be ready to conquer the world. World is always ready to consume better one for it won growth.Read instructions carefully which is  given below and apply as a Teacher in given form.

About newonlineschool

        Welcome Teacher/Vendor,

  • Welcome to newonlineschool and thank you very much for your best selection; everything is here for teaching and selling(Educational Products)
  • Dear Teacher, This is vendor model of teaching means teacher have to make its own course with the help of standard syllabus of Any Board which should be recognized and valid.
  • Teacher have to make  full course on the based of standard syllabus.
  • Course should be in Video and study notes format
  • Minimum 40 modules is compulsory for teacher
  • Teacher can use self YouTube Channel and share  link here in website for views and better connectivity.
  • Before applying read all instructions carefully and Apply in given forms
  • Fill all particulars-All particular must be authentic in nature
  • Required current e-mail is and stable mobile number.
  • You are Applying as a teacher which means you are agree to terms and conditions of newonlineschool.

Teacher can ask query on Official WhatsApp number 8421520108.

Course Design and Fees

  • Teacher have to open YouTube Channel and Upload minimum 10 demo video for general observation of student that same video we will embed on our website and through that teacher will get students.
  • Demo Video is for sample and free for student and it should be proper like real video because student will register after whole satisfaction.
  • We will pay teacher share as per agreement(80% of total course fees) and collection of minimum Online Student(30) we will continue teacher for course.
  • Teacher have to design Content of whole course with minimum 40 modules in format of newonlineschool on MS Word Copy and send it to Official WhatsApp Number of newonlineschool or edit it in website.
  • newonlineschool will publish the course after evaluation and whole satisfaction on website.
  • newonlineschool can modify and alter any content which required modification with notice to related student.

Subject Selection

  • Dear Teacher, Start teaching ; this is your world.
  • Start your teaching with your special subject in your styles with better inputs.
  • After subject selection teacher have to make Content of minimum 40 lessons in format of newonlineschool
  • Teacher should make content with the reference of standard syllabus.
  • Teacher should follow the sequence of lessons according to content during video and study notes and avoid copyright.
  • Use authentic study material in teaching;  Course may cancel and discontinuous of your service due to wrong and copyrighted data.
  • You can teach any subject from nursery to 12th standard, NTSE, Competitive exams and entrance exams on this website.
  • You can teach special topic from any subject (minimum 10 modules-10 minutes each).
  • You can teach one subject/many subject from any standard syllabus (minimum 40 modules-30 minutes each) required.
  • Teacher can ask query on Official WhatsApp number 8421520108.

Teacher Login-How to Upload Data?

  • Apply as a Teacher on newonlineschool and create login and password in registration.
  • Same login and password teacher have to use as a Teacher login.
  • Teacher can upload data after activation of teacher ID
  • Teacher can only upload data in the form of text and images(containing diagram and charts only).
  • Teacher should send all videos through Google Drive Link ; newonlineschool will download it and upload on website.
  • You can earn money by teaching students with our website.
  • All updated terms and conditions would be binding on all teachers of newonlineschool.
  • It is legal binding on uploading data which have banned by government of country and which harm emotions of the corner of the society.
  • Avoid uploading on copyrights material such as pdf books and photos any other form of material which is copyrighted.
  • Upload your own work and own design only to avoid copyrights claims.
  • Teacher can ask query on Official WhatsApp number 8421520108

How to make Video Class?

  • Video Class content should be as below
  • 1-Starting introductory speech about Lesson.
  • 2-Objectives of the lesson.
  • 3-Delivery of main module.
  • 4-Outcomes of the lesson.
  • 5-Expected question from lesson.
  • 6-Declare next topic
  • 7-Assign Homework related to current or next module only.
  • Teacher can ask query on Official WhatsApp number 8421520108.
apply as teacher
Appy as Teacher/Vendor

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