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Managing Director and owner of newonlineschool

newonlineschool is an organized body of teachers who self-motivated for education and passion in teaching. This is the online platform for tuition teachers, all learners, school-teacher and parents. newonlineschool is the provisions of basic education from nursery to 12th standard. This platform provide the guidelines for NTA NET Examination including MCQ Mock Test,Guidance for Bank Exams and All other competitive exam.  newonlineschool is support for all parents, students, schools and teachers which provide support in the form of homework, study-project, hobbies, interest and sports.  

       we are providing services in  Sponsorship of Engineering Projects, Business Plans Guidance, Summer internship Projects and consultancy services to educational institutions in the form of guest lectures and contribution in teaching online.

        we also providing services in  selling  school products and providing platform to product seller as well as product buyer(School).

we are working for betterment of  education, entrepreneurship and other field for social benefit.

Our Visions

  • To be a learning center for Teacher, students, Schools,Product sellers, products buyers, Engineering and Management Students in the form of video lectures, study material, practice test(Online Mock Test) and on call guidance.
  • To be a  facilitation center for educational product sellers to sale their products online, products buyers who can buy the educational products
  • To be a platform for Engineering  Students in the form of sponsorship in mechanical, electronics, electrical projects.
  • To be a website development center as per requirement.
  • To be a platform for Engineering and Management Students in the form of sponsorship in projects and Business Plan consultancy.

Our Objectives

  1. To enhance quality of digital education for all.
  2. To develop shareable knowledge culture in society.
  3. To facilitate public for betterment in education.
  4. To develop platform for entrepreneurship and employment.
  5. To generate consultancy through engineering and management projects for betterment of Engineering and Management students.
  6. To develop online educational products markets for educational institute   at one place.

Privacy Policies

  1. We are declaring that this  website is secured for all.
  2. We are providing service with user protection.
  3. We are not disclosing privacy of user in any conditions.
  4. User can change password anytime as per convenience on our website.
  5. Website will not ask Bank Password, Bank details of any customer through call.
  6. newonlineschool will ask only Bank account number to Teacher for their Payments.
  7. We are securing personal data not disclosing data

Service Policies

  1. Video lecture connect with online cloud.
  2. PDF notes downloadable after registration.
  3. Admin can delete user anytime(in case objectionable contents)
  4. All rules and regulation subject to as time being I force according to situation and condition.

Service Rules

  1. This platform for Teaching and Learning and only for educational products selling and buying.
  2. User can register and login and register on newonlineschool.
  3. We will not allow any unauthorized user who registered with faulty name and email id.
  4. Without authentication user will no longer on this website-User must clarify its identity with newonlineschool’s team.
  5. User can insert only Indian Mobile number.
  6. User can see only lecture not copy content any any base.
  7. All copyright rules are applicable if anyone copy and reproduce newonlineschool’s study material for commercial use.
  8. Action would be taken according to IPC if any user comment wrong on website.

We are working for

  1. Digital Education.
  2. Educational Event Management.
  3. Promoting Teacher for entrepreneurship.
  4. Leading educational Products.
  5. Providing education Online on Mobile and Computer.
  6. Leading Engineering Project
  7. Designing Business Plan
  8. Providing skilled Manpower as per requirement.
  9. Developing skills of small entrepreneur.
  10. Proving market to rural entrepreneurship.
  1. We are researching and developing online education platform.
  2. Research in Teaching and learning.
  3. Research in Human Resource Management.
  4. Research in Management of Industrial Relations
  5. Research in Consumer behavior.