Organization Behavior

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Organizational Behavior

The study of Organizational behavior has become crucial as organizations across the world deal with the far-reaching economic and social consequences. Organizational behavior is closely related to all i.e. Administrative, Managerial and operative level employees. Modern Organizations exist in a complex environment with an increasing demand for fast and effective environment changes. The manager also has to keep his focus on ethics, values and social responsibility.

This subject of MBA helps in understanding problems related to organizational behavior and its effectiveness. It includes the study about management as a creative problem solving process. Organization has some important features like Culture, Atmosphere which depends upon the Belief, Value and Attitude of the employee. The Group and group decision making, change process are the scorching problems now a days

Organizational Behavior is the systematic study of actions and attitudes within organizations. It learns how to behave as an individual in group and in organizations. It is the study of dynamic character which acts in various organizations.

The objective of the course is to familiarize the students with the effective behavioral process in the organization.

The inherent objectives can be given as below.

Course Objectives

  1. To make conceptual foundation about Individual Behavior clear to the students.
  2. To study Group behavior and group dynamics.
  3. To study Organizational change, change processes and overcoming the resistance.
  4. To study the effect of Power, Politics, Empowerment and conflict on the organization.
  5. To know the importance of the Creativity and Innovation.




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