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Dear Engineer/Student/Teacher

  You can design projects, advertise, and sale here 

1) Mechanical Project- Mechanical professionals can Sale or Buy Designs of any machine here. can post photos of the machine/design for sale.

For Example- Wheat Cleaning Machine -The machine has requirements in almost all towns and Mechanical Engineers can design and Present it for sale or any other agreements like royalty and rent.

2)Electrical Projects- Electrical professionals can Sale and Buy Designs of electrical models and sell and advertise here.

For Example- Power Generation Techniques and machines- Electrical students/Professionals can design machines for power generation and advertise and sell on this platform.

3) Electronics Project- Electronics professionals can Sale and Buy Designs of any project in the electronics field and sell or advertise here.

4) Software and Websites Project- IT Professional can Sale and Buy Design of any software and machine here and can sale to customer as per requirement.

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Helpline -
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